How to convert leads quicker

15 Top Tips on How to Get Your Sales Leads to Convert Quickly

The point of running a business is to make a profit through sales of your product or services. Digital marketing allows us to generate more leads, reach out to wider market space, and gain information that could help us develop a smarter business strategy. That’s why we are going to let you in on some of the top sales conversion tips that you can incorporate within your strategy and generate sales quickly.

1. Visual content

A picture tells a thousand words but it can also help the audience process the information quicker. According to scientists, our attention span is short and you’d have a better chance to deliver your message through graphics and other visual aids than words. This applies to all supporting channels of interaction like emails, web content, social media posts, or SMS messages.

2. Don’t wait too long

Statistics tell us that you’d have more success in converting your prospects into customers if you contact them as soon as they leave their contact information. As soon as you get their email, send your best offer (if possible personalized according to prospect’s interaction with your brand) and see your conversion rate scale along with your revenue.

3. Analyze data

Track your website audience data, you can get important information that could help you facilitate the entire sales process. If you analyze who visits your page, what raises interest, what drives people away, as well as numerous other information, you’ll have all it takes to craft optimal sales offers. Different prospects have different needs which you have to consider before making an offer.

4. Survey

Make your priority assignment to learn about the issues your prospects are dealing with. Send out a survey that focuses on business issues your potential customers are facing. This will help you develop a presentation that will aim those issues and fix them. Offering an affordable and simple to apply solution is the quickest way of making a sale.

5. Avoid cold calling

According to statistics, only 2.5 percent of cold calls end up with a successful sale. This is not the only issue that comes from this “strategy”, often cold call recipients block your number and destroy any chance of future interactions. Cold emailing can also earn you a place in the spam folder or Google’s blacklist. Always contact those people that permitted you to contact them.

6. Offer money-back guarantee

If you’re not a highly reputable brand but a startup just trying to find your place on the market, make sure you gain people’s trust. `Offer refunds when placing an offer to assure the other side that you’re not interested in robbing them but providing a valuable product or service` – says Linda Audley, the sales specialist at the HR management software

7. Offer testimonials

Let your previous clients speak for you. Place a few customer feedbacks or success stories on your landing page to let the newcomers know how you helped other people. Contact previous clients and ask them for a few words on how you helped them in their endeavors. 

8. Ask for contact

It might seem like a pushy strategy, but asking people to opt-in for your emails is the best way to create and convert sales leads. Just make sure your opt-in box is simple and doesn’t require more information than you need. Sometimes, business name and email are all it takes and you can research further to learn more about each contact on your list.

9. Connect PPC ads with appropriate landing pages

If you’re into PPC ads, make sure that when a person clicks on your ad, it takes them directly to the product sale page. This page should include essential product info and a visible purchase button. This way you’re facilitating the buying process to its full extent. 

10. Versatile payment options

Your customers are coming from different backgrounds, which means their manner of doing business might be different than yours. Allowing different payment options is another way to convert leads into clients. Make sure all major credit cards are supported, as well as services like PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should also be covered.

11. High-quality images

Stock photos or poorly produced images don’t build trust and show a lack of dedication. Use high-quality photos developed especially for your brand to show the audience you’re serious about your business. Your SEO results will also show gratitude if you do this.

12. Provide live chat/call support

Sometimes visitors cancel their decision to buy a product because they have the slightest doubt that could easily be resolved if they only had someone to ask. Sending an email might seem like a daunting task for them, so you have to give them a way to contact you immediately. AI-driven chatbots are a good choice if you don’t wish to hire extra human help.

13. Offer first purchase perks

Include two for the price of one, next purchase discounts, free shipping or some other benefits for every new client. Make sure the visitors understand your offer is only valid for first-time customers.

14. Allow instant purchase

Don’t force people into registering a user account only to make a purchase. You need to make the purchasing process as simple as it can be. Some people might want to keep their info hidden or simply don’t have the time to fill out long registration forms just to buy a widely available product.

15. Raise urgency

Adding a limited offer or including the number of available products in your stock raises urgency according to marketing experts. This helps you drive sales, as people are more eager to buy products if they are on high demand or if there’s a good offer that’s soon to expire.


We hope these small pieces of advice will help you rocket your sales sky-high. Make sure that every addition to your sales strategy is affordable and makes sense for your business. However, remember that the best way to continuously sell a product is to keep improving it.

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