Teamgate receives “Best ease of use” and “Best value” awards from Capterra

Teamgate receives “Best ease of use” and “Best value” awards from Capterra

It is a great feeling to share more great news with you again!

Some people say that success is never just one thing, that it’s a series of steps leading to a moment of achievement, a moment of recognition, a moment of overcoming. It is what it is, but we know how it feels. At Teamgate we’ve just experienced yet another one of those moments, and we’re feeling pretty thankful. 

A well-known software marketplace (owned by the world’s leading research and advisory company Gartner) which helps businesses to find the right software, announced that Teamgate earned “Best Ease of Use” and “Best Value” badges based on feedback from clients.

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But it didn’t happen by accident. It’s all down to a singular vision and a dedicated commitment to being the best. In modern business, it’s easy to endlessly recite the marketing mantra of how an organization is “committed to excellence, quality, customer care, etc”. Proving it is another thing. 

That’s why we at Teamgate like to shout about each and every one of the awards and acknowledgments we receive – which go a long way towards truthfully illustrating that our commitment to excellence is for real. To put it simply, we really mean what we say. To frame it in the words of the Teamgate CEO, Marijus Andrijauskas:

‘These awards and acknowledgments are the benchmarks of our continued commitment to excellence’.

According to Capterra, these badges are given to the products with the average review rating score above 4.5 across all of the products’ published reviews in the submission period. Only the ratings of review field that the specific badge represents are being considered. calculation looks at the average score for a particular field (Ease of Use, Value for Money), and calculates the top 25% of all qualified products. Since the cutoff is fixed, they never recognize more than the top 25%.

With lots of different CRMs listed in the same categories, the competition is heavy and only a few are awarded these “Best” Awards. It is recognition like this which make the team at Teamgate work even harder to provide the best customer relationship software in the market.

We are grateful to all our customers who have given us reviews on Capterra and will continue to provide the simply smart sales CRM to all clients. We’re getting new reviews often so check back on Capterra often to see the latest happy clients have to say.



Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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