Teamgate receives “Leader” and “Trusted Vendor”award from Crozsdesk


Not taking long after being acknowledged as a market leader, we at Teamgate are proud to announce another significant achievement – becoming one of the Trusted Vendors according to Crozsdesk!

trusted vendor badge 202

High-quality service being our top priority, we don’t take trusted vendor badge for granted and continue basing all of our decisions on customer feedback and keeping our user satisfaction high.


Who knows better how to grasp the value of a product than salespeople? They are aware of all the sales techniques and marketing tricks, hence, only a truly helpful and worthy product can get to them.

Therefore, Teamgate is happy that more and more businesses see the value in our product and choose to work with us and trust us with their sales processes and customer data storage.

We are proud to announce that it did not last long for Crozsdesk to acknowledge our achievements and recognize our efforts to keep clients satisfaction at its highest.

Crozcdesk named Teamgate among the Top 20 Sales Software providers in 2020.

sales management leader award 2020Crozsdesk is one of the leading platforms of such a kind where users can discover the best software for their needs, compare it, whether it is marketing, accounting or sales tools. 6 years after the initial launch of Crozsdesk, there is over a thousand software for buyers to choose from. Crozsdesk not only offers product descriptions but also provides customer reviews, ratings, pricing and other relevant information to make the choice easier.

How Was Teamgate CRM Chosen?

Teamgate was ranked number 5 in a category of Sales Management software. The ranking is solely based on the unbiased algorithm of Crozdesk which uses its unique methodology. In the listing, each software has its own category-specific crozscore as well as the universal crozscore.

Each software is shown in the list based on the score at the moment of publication.

This snippet provides the full list of Software products ranked as leaders in this category:

Top 20 Sales Management Software of 2020 Infographic

Final Word

Awards like this category leader award from crozdesk don’t come easily. It requires a lot of dedication, patience, and consistency in our daily operations.

However, it is a huge acknowledgment to be named among the top 20 Sales Management tools especially since it is an exceptionally competitive market in terms of both technology and the quality of service. Hence, Teamgate’s primary purpose is paying close attention to notes and criticism from clients and keeping up with the latest technological trends in order to provide a top-quality product able to compete with the market’s leaders.


Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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