Introducing Our New Comprehensive Dashboard For A 360 View Of Your Sales

Teamgate’s new smart dashboard is finally here. All your important sales information will now be easily accessible on one page. Why are we excited to roll out this new feature?

Besides the need for automation, salespeople use CRM to make details pertaining to clients and deals flow more freely between departments and sales representative. Granted, a CRM, by default, makes this task less daunting than it would be with paperwork, spreadsheets and face-to-face briefings. However, salespeople still need a way to holistically track and monitor their deals which begs the questions:

How can we fit all this key information on what page?
Which sales indicators are most likely to provide key insights for our customers?

In addition to listening to what our customers most want from Teamgate, we also convened with a number of sales professionals to research and develop the most friendly, informative and intuitive  dashboard.

This is the result:


When we talk about a holistic view of sales, we talk about a 360 approach to customers and deals. Smart monitoring is not only about escorting customers through the pipeline or merely tracking sales reps’ quotas but about dynamically incorporating data to visualize past, current and potential deals and the customers associated with them.

What would otherwise require multiple long meetings in a typical sales department can be done more efficiently with a quick glance at your Teamgate dashboard. It fosters transparency, accountability and streamlines the free flow of information throughout, not only sales team, but also other departments (marketing, product development, customers’ service) who might benefit from this data.

How should you use the dashboard?

Assign permissions

This will allow you to assign deals to sales reps and also control which Dashboard data will be visible to them.

dashboard EN Owner

 Pipeline Value, Forecast and Lead Inventory

The overall pipeline value represents of every single deal and lead in our pipeline. This means that even dormant leads will be taken into consideration. In contrast, Forecast offers a more “realistic” value of your pipeline based on closed deals and conversion potential of leads. Teamgate’s smart forecast relies on a vast selection of data (manually and automatically gathered) to predict the likelihood of leads’ conversion.
Lead inventory will allow you to keep track of all leads created by you and other team members. This is a useful feature to stay aware of all sales opportunities currently available.

Deals over 12 Month

As pictured in the screenshot above, this graph will help you visual the overall progression of deals made over the past months. This feature will prove essential in notifying you of any trends you might have missed otherwise. If, for example, certain months of the year know a visible decrease in deals closed, this occurrence might require further inspection to understand what’s going on.

Open Opportunities and Pipeline Today

These two features are the staple of every salesperson’s workflow. You start your day by looking up the deals, leads and clients that require immediate attention. However, there will be opportunities that have yet to reach the sales funnel, which is where Open Opportunities comes.

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Sales Ratio

The one metric that dominates the sales world. Sales Ratio/Win Ratio/Lead Conversion ratio can not only determine how effective the sales team is, but also helps in finding how much it costs to convert a lead.
Not all leads are the same, and some are more expensive than others. When coupled with a successful segmentation strategy, you will start to approach risky leads more in a more informed and effective way.

Loss Reasons

Navigating leads through the pipeline can be tricky. This is why it’s important for every salesperson to keep in mind the reasons why certain deals fall through. Yes, it is also very challenging to keep the myriad of factors that can lead to a loss of a deal, which is why we chose to feature it on the dashboard.

Activity Feed

This is the news feed for all things teammate related. It makes team workflow much more transparent and eliminates miscommunications. No longer will you place a catch-up call with a client when your teammate has just done it.

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Activity Overview

This section will track progression and completion of any call goals, meetings scheduled and other objectives you deem relevant for your sales process.

We hope you are as excited by our new dashboard as we are. Found more information about the Dashboard @ Teamgate support page.

Keep an eye on our blog for future updates and tips on how to be a salesperson or how to make the best out of Teamgate. 


Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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