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Lead Management Process Done Right With Teamgate

After reading this article, you will learn how a smart CRM like Teamgate can help streamline and enhance your sales lead management process. From lead generation to nurturing and conversion, Teamgate provides a range of tools and features to effectively handle opportunities and improve sales outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Teamgate, a smart CRM, offers intelligent sales lead generation tools and allows for the tracking of email marketing campaign results.
  • With Teamgate, you can streamline lead management by importing leads from various sources and avoiding data duplication.
  • The CRM assists in lead nurturing through scheduling, note-taking, and attachment management.
  • Lead segmentation in Teamgate helps target specific segments and improve lead management efficiency.
  • Lead scoring enables prioritization of leads based on conversion potential.
  • Teamgate’s SmartDialer feature enhances phone-based sales activities.
  • The convert button seamlessly transfers lead information to deal cards, saving time and ensuring data continuity.
  • Integration with OpenStreetMap mapping facilitates face-to-face meetings and visualizes geographic locations of leads and deals.

The aptly named Mark Hunter (Sales Hunter), speaking on the subject of the sales and lead management process had this to say, “It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” – Mark Hunter

This short quote really hits the nail on the head, the key words being, “…handling the opportunities right.” A smart CRM, such as Teamgate, really helps you to handle those opportunities, and the whole lead management process perfectly.

So how can a CRM help your sales lead management process?

In order to have leads to manage you first need to discover those leads. Your Teamgate lead management process gives you a multitude of intelligent sales lead generation tools. Once you’ve launched your email marketing campaign you can track the results and commence your interactions with those whom you’ve managed to engage.

From smartly designed email sales campaigns you can track the results and follow up with targeted communication to any leads captured. It can also help the sales team to manage and import leads garnered from other sources, such as; trade shows, events, advertising campaigns, personal networking, Google Contacts, Excel, and a host of other methods.

Other smart lead-gathering options within Teamgate include the Linkedin shuttle which assists you in importing Linkedin contacts directly to your Teamgate account with one click. The CRM allows you to import contacts from multiple external sources and avoids duplication of information, saving you time and effort.

Nurture your leads smarter

Your CRM should assist you with the lead nurturing process – the actions you take on the journey from converting a lead to a qualified deal: schedule meetings and meeting reminders, add recurring events, note actions and all communications. Effectively take intuitive control of your diary and activity management.

A sales CRM like Teamgate can automatically attach email communications directly to the lead card, eliminating time wasted in the search for missing documents, information, and attachments.

Teamgate further simplifies your lead management process by allowing to you segmentalize your leads under a variety of categories. This eliminates the effort and time-wasting of searching through a mountain of files and allows you to simply target a selected segment. Lead segmentation adds a hugely valuable feature to your whole lead management process.

lead management process

Lead scoring is the process of ranking the value of a prospect as measured against a scale of probability that the prospect will convert to become a deal. In other words, it’s a scale measuring the chances that a prospect is worth spending time on. This allows your sales team to prioritize the most important leads in the pipeline. You are in control of the criteria used when lead scoring, and the criteria you use are usually based on past insights of leads who have converted. Chasing bad leads is a waste of time for sales teams, that’s why having the ability to employ lead scoring in your sales CRM reduces time wasted barking up the wrong trees.

Enhancing your phone as a weapon

Sales teams spend a lot of time on the phone, and that’s a fact. A sales person’s phone is their lifeline and their number one connection tool. With the Teamgate calling feature – SmartDialer – you come armed with an auto-dialer, call-recording, call routing, missed call reminder, and many other useful communication tools. With SmartDialer and Teamgate you’re always available, even when you’re busy and on the go.

The act of changing the status of a lead to that of a deal is just a matter of clicking the ‘convert’ button, which automatically transfers all communication history to the deal’s card with no loss of information or valuable time.

Another feature to assist with your lead management process in Teamgate integration with OpenStreetMap mapping. OpenStreetMap can provide a comprehensive view of your leads’, deal’s and customers’ geographic locations. This facility allows you to manage face to face meetings and to combine meetings within selected geographic locations.

Lead management process in a nutshell

Lead management can be a complicated process if you’re not well organised. Using the assorted combination of tools and functions available in Teamgate, your whole lead management process is both streamlined, and effortlessly handled, right across every stage of the complete sales pipeline.

FAQs: Lead management process

Q: What is a lead management process?

A: The lead management process refers to the systematic approach of capturing, tracking, and nurturing potential sales leads from their initial contact to the point of conversion or becoming qualified deals.


Q: Why is a lead management process important?

A: A lead management process is crucial because it helps businesses effectively manage and organize their leads, ensuring that potential customers receive timely and relevant communication. It improves sales efficiency, increases conversion rates, and maximizes the value of marketing efforts.


Q: How can a CRM like Teamgate help with lead management?

A: A CRM like Teamgate provides valuable tools and features to streamline the lead management process. It offers intelligent lead generation tools, tracks email marketing campaign results, enables lead segmentation, facilitates lead nurturing through scheduling and note-taking, and allows for lead scoring to prioritize valuable leads.


Q: How does lead segmentation benefit the lead management process?

A: Lead segmentation in Teamgate allows businesses to categorize leads based on specific criteria, such as demographics, interests, or behavior. This segmentation helps tailor communication and marketing strategies to different segments, ensuring personalized and targeted interactions, which improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of lead management.


Q: What is lead scoring, and why is it important in lead management?

A: Lead scoring is the process of evaluating and ranking leads based on their likelihood to convert into deals. It helps sales teams prioritize leads by focusing their efforts on the most valuable prospects. By using predefined criteria and past insights, lead scoring helps save time and resources by avoiding chasing leads with low conversion potential.


Q: How does a CRM assist with lead nurturing?

A: A CRM like Teamgate supports lead nurturing by providing features such as scheduling meetings, tracking communication history, attaching relevant documents to lead records, and facilitating personalized follow-ups. These capabilities help build relationships, stay organized, and guide leads through the sales pipeline more effectively.


Q: Can a CRM help with phone-based sales activities in the lead management process?

A: Yes, a CRM like Teamgate can enhance phone-based sales activities. It offers features like SmartDialer, which includes auto-dialer, call recording, call routing, and missed call reminders. These tools enable sales teams to efficiently manage phone communications, improve productivity, and ensure timely follow-ups.


Q: How does integrating mapping tools benefit the lead management process?

A: Integrating mapping tools, such as OpenStreetMap in Teamgate, allows businesses to visualize the geographic locations of leads, deals, and customers. This feature helps in planning face-to-face meetings, optimizing travel routes, and managing interactions within specific geographic areas, enhancing the overall lead management process.


Q: How can a well-organized lead management process benefit my business?

A: A well-organized lead management process ensures that leads are properly tracked, nurtured, and guided through the sales pipeline. This results in improved conversion rates, increased sales efficiency, better customer relationships, and overall business growth. It helps businesses make the most out of their marketing and sales efforts while maximizing the potential of their leads.

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