Why organizations need mobile CRM

Why your organization needs a mobile CRM strategy

It is no longer new that a vast proportion of internet users is fast migrating from the use of desktops to smartphones or mobile devices. This means that the demand for real-time information to be accessible and available from anywhere is on the high side. Consequently, businesses and organizations are highly advised to shift their focus towards exploiting this excellent opportunity that is capable of making their various activities flexible and capable of reshaping the financial status of their business for the better.

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What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategy?

Customer Relationship Marketing comprises all the strategies, technologies, and activities implemented by companies to achieve high-quality interaction-based management with their prospective and current customers. The significance of this initiative can be attributed to the popular saying that in most businesses, “the customer is KING” (Forbes).

CRM strategy has also been observed to be commonly used between Business-to-Customers (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations to manage and track various kinds of communication through the internet, mobile software, chat, emails, social media platforms, telephone calls and series of corporate marketing materials. 

What is Mobile CRM? 

Mobile CRM can be described as a tool or software developed and designed to work on Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled devices. With the aid of mobile CRM, the sales team can now easily access and manage tons of customer data and information in real-time, wherever they are (Super Office).

It is a business process through which qualities such as brand value, customer loyalty, and client relationships are developed via marketing strategies, technological adoptions, and other variety of activities. You can also boost the trustworthiness of your company by getting reviewed by Online Writers Rating, where most content creators can get their work evaluated.

Mobile Usage Growth as a Necessity for Mobile CRM

According to statistics from Oberlo, there has been a meteoric rise in the proportion of internet traffic coming from mobile devices. The percentage of global internet traffic transmitted from internet-enabled mobile devices or smartphones has risen from 0.7% in 2009 to about 52.2% in 2018, as seen in the chart below. 

why companies need mobile crm

The numbers were projected to continue increasing at a 123.7% year-year growth rate.

Therefore, to take advantage of this jaw-dropping statistics, the adoption of a Mobile CRM technological initiative becomes critical and paramount to the CRM Organizations, as it is evident that the majority of prospective customers are now online and mobile intelligent. CRM should be able to match this growth.

Importance to Employees and Sales Team Members

Today, technology has evolved to the extent that the need for physical shops and business offices have become drastically reduced. Most office employees are no longer tied to their desks- they are now mobile workers exercising their duties on the go.  

Sales team members now travel from one office to another, from one location to another meeting with prospects and clients. Below are some other benefits of CRM for workers and sales team; it enables them to:

  • Open and share Important files 
  • Gain access to updated data anytime, anywhere.
  • Click-to-call (to dial into online meetings) from any location.
  • Track, manage and respond to customer service cases of any type and many more.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Customers

Asides from the fact that mobile CRM ensures flexibility for workers in their line of work- the initiative also benefits the clients who have mobile CRM for your organization in several ways. In other words, the advantages attributable to making use of mobile CRM for and by your organization is not one-sided but somewhat all-encompassing. 

With the aid of the app, workers will have access to critical information and real-time updates with which they become highly equipped to provide reliable information, support, and assistance required (by both the current and potential clients) with immediate effect, on the go.

Rate of Adoption of mobile CRM

In 2008, research carried out by Forrester revealed that more than 40% of SMBs and 50% of enterprises have begun utilizing and rolling out smartphone applications to automate salesforce. In addition, towards the end of 2012, Forbes discovered that there were about 110 CRM applications in the Apple store while the Android App Store contains about 47 apps.

Also, in 2013, Microsoft’s major overhaul of dynamics CRM involved distributing smartphone applications for iOS, Windows, and Android. At first, Microsoft never had a first-party mobile CRM app, what this suggests is that in the long run they acknowledged the significance of mobile CRM access and are, therefore, not taking the competition in this with levity. 

If a big, successful, and reputable tech giant company like Microsoft could recognize the importance of Mobile CRM access and quickly took advantage of it, then it becomes evident that the significance of mobile CRM in today’s business cannot be underestimated.

Effectiveness of CRM Solutions in Today’s World

The majority of the popular CRM solutions of today are discharged as cloud-based solutions. This is because of their web-based interface. As explained earlier, the app enables sales teams’ access to customers and essential lead information from any internet-enabled devices, anywhere, and at any time.

Mobile CRM applications also offer software as a service (SaaS) solutions, as this tends to be more user-friendly compared to the older CRM software. Some of them even have features like artificial intelligence that is capable of helping organizations make the right decisions and at the same time providing maximum customer services.

With the aid of data captured by a mobile CRM strategy, Companies can now target potentials with the required products, be able to advance better customer support services, open and close business deals, and also up-sell and cross-sell more effectively and efficiently (webopedia).

Final Thoughts

Just like the world is evolving daily, the same way technology is evolving and advancing at a meteoric rate. With this knowledge, businesses must ensure that they are updated continuously as regards trends and business-related innovations capable of influencing their business activities. We hope that we have been able to make you see the reasons why mobile CRM is vital in today’s business. Your business deserves to grow. Why not adopt a mobile CRM strategy for your organization today?

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