How Marketing Automation Can Enhance Your Customer Loyalty

Don’t you feel good about a tool that analyzes your customer data by itself, drives insights from it, works on those details in real-time, and streamlines the given strategy unswervingly? Thankful to marketing automation. It does exactly the same!

Marketing automation optimizes your communication efforts by reducing monotonous and time-consuming tasks and thereby helping you in the right utilization of time and resources. From customer procurement to loyalty marketing, it helps your brand to perform at a grand scale.

With the assistance of this mechanism, you would now be able to convey a focused message across client fragments, making coordinated connections conceivable in the advanced space. To put it plainly, marketing automation drives the client loyalty revival.

And when you make loyalty as a vital part of your strategy, you will be rewarded with high-value customers at a low cost. Check the graph below that speaks the same.

Image Source: Sales Mango

Other Benefits of Customer Loyalty Includes

  • Customers rarely purchase something different if they like a brand. It includes 55% of older millennials, 53% of younger millennials, and 51% of Gen Z. (Business2Community)
  • 80% of incomes come from 20% of a firm’s existing clients. (Fundera)
  • Loyalty pioneers develop ROI 2.5 times as quickly as their industry peers. (Harvard Business School)

The majority of the leading brands use marketing automation tools to delight the sales leads and hold them throughout their journey.

Apple is the most exceptional example of brand loyalty done right through marketing automation. The average brand loyalty of Apple is 87% across the US and Europe.

The tech giant leads the brands with the most loyal customers. It is followed by other famous names – Amazon, Lululemon, IKEA, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks. If you are interested to learn their tactics, read on to find out.

Steps to Enhance Customer Loyalty with Marketing Automation Tools

1.    Spot Active Brand Advocates

B2B and B2C brands require the support of advocates, who recommend your products and bring in referrals for your business. They will share your brand message with enthusiasm, and will always play a crucial role in its success.

Brand advocacy will help you gain new customers as well as create rewards/incentives for the loyal ones. Marketing automation enables you to track and reach these brand advocates. With social media integration, you can identify those customers who are advocating your product or service.

If you are unsure who is loyal to your brand, fret not. Utilize lead scoring dimensions to recognize the people who every now and again share, comment, or download your content.

Starbucks’ advocate marketing campaign called “Tweet-A-Coffee” allowed customers to purchase a $5 gift card for their friends through Twitter.

Image Source: Starbucks

Clients needed to Tweet the @tweetacoffee handle along with their own Twitter handle. The initial 100,000 individuals joining the program would get a $5 gift voucher.


  • This loyalty program generated around $180,000 in sales for Starbucks.
  • More than 27,000 brand advocates partook in this social event.
  • 34% of individuals purchased more than one gift card, and 32% of the buyingbefell on the first day itself.
  • Starbucks linked 54,000 Twitter IDs of active members to their cell phones and client identification numbers.

2.    Personalize the Experience

Marketing automation lets you personalize the customer experience across multiple campaigns, and make your audience feel special at every stage of buying. Especially by integrating CRM with the automated marketing tool, you can provide a stellar experience that’s worth remembering.

You might have spent all your time guessing the interest of your audience. However, it does no good for your business in this modernized world. Instead, you must learn their interest by tracking them across different channels, using tools like web trackers, and analyze their behavior based on clicks. Later, you can prepare content around these analysis report.

Speaking of personalization, Amazon has been doing it since 2013. I just finished reading a book on capitalism, and my pretty big hobby includes reading. So what does Amazon show me? A list of relevant books! It’s perfect.


]Image Source: Amazon

Amazon uses my purchase history and viewed products to recommend the related items that I would be interested in. Besides, it also uses a shipping address to customize the experience based on my current location.

According to Accenture, 91% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers relevant content and recommendations.

3.    Re-engage the Inactive Customers

There are times where even a most loyal customer may abandon your brand for a tiniest of reason. In such scenarios, it is essential to gently remind them about you, or lure them with the offers to reactivate old accounts. You need to use automated tools to identify such customers and nudge them towards taking action.

For instance, if a customer has visited your website, but haven’t picked any product or abandoned the cart, you can automate an email to notify them of:

  • Limited time offer for the discarded products.
  • Remind them of ways to utilize the unused points in their account.
  • Reach out to them on special days, such as their birthdays or anniversary.

The re-engagement email by Skillshare draws attention to the new classes and features since the last subscriber engagement. They have tactfully highlighted the offer for $0.99 and hoping to push more engagement with loyal customers.



Image Source: Skillshare

4.    Analyze Customer Feedback

Seek customer feedback actively rather than waiting for their complaint on social media platforms. This method increases good-will and quickly detects at-risk accounts. Before beginning, segment your existing customer list into separate streams, then ask them how they feel about your product, service, or your relationship with them.

By asking these questions, you will learn more about their unfavorable experiences, and how to improvise it at the earliest stage. Social media automation tools help you garner the online feedback of a large number of audience in a short time. Here, you can encourage shout-outs from your followers, and make them feel how you value their voices.

One common example of how to do this is in the confirmation email from British Airways, with a visual scale for their NPS question and a link to a survey that takes 12 minutes to complete.

Image Source: British Airways

It shows how collecting the feedback at the end of the customer journey is an ideal way to try on. Here, travelers can assess their experience and share informed perspectives.

Final Thought

Marketing automation tools will let you successfully execute the customer loyalty strategies across correspondence channels. Right from segmentation to sending custom messages, or seeking feedback to sharing important material, automation tool does it all in a couple of snaps. So, without any delay, utilize this marketing armor and win your battle against competitors.

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson is a marketing consultant with 10 years of experience in the execution of marketing strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at Blue Mail Media, a renowned B2B data solution company based out of Irving, Texas offering database services like direct dials, data appending, data cleansing etc

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