Key Aspects of Building True Customer Demand

No matter what type of business you are running you have to be sure that you are properly stocking the business with items & features that the customers want. For example if you are running a store that sells tools you must be sure that the customers you attract find the tools that they need.

You must have a selection of various brands for the customer to choose from when in your store. Even if you as the business owner think that you are providing the best products that are available to the public, you might be working on a bias or you are not aware of other tools that may be better than what you are currently selling.

Analyze the Demand for Different Tools or Features

The first and maybe most important thing that you must do is familiarizing yourself with the trade area and market that you are running your business. You do not want to be a person who sells services or tools if you have little or no knowledge of the subject. Once you are familiar with the trade you can then begin deciding which products and features will be available in your store or platform and you can back up your decisions with data and solid analysis.

It is important to know what are the most desired tools in the area and you should know which brands of tools or features are the most reliable to sell to your customers. If you do not do this research and you choose unreliable or cheap tools to sell, many customers will avoid your business because they know that the items you sell are not reliable.

It is important that you won’t spend too much on inventory but you also should not want to spend too little. You should balance your inventory with your sales and must be able to determine which tools and services are both in high demand and are reliable.

Keep Up with Newly Released Products and Features

In addition to you initial research for your inventory; you must continuously do your research and learn about different tools or functions that are being released to the public. Many customers want what is new and trendy. If you provide your customers with these options they will continue to visit your business because they know you are constantly updating and upgrading your products or services.

This does not necessarily mean that you must cease purchasing items from your old inventory and only stick with the new but it shows that you are actively involved in your business. If you are constantly upgrading your inventory and taking away the popular items from your old inventory the customers that do not wish to own the trending tools will go elsewhere.

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When collecting your data and having solid analysis of the tools or features that are keeping your business alive you will easily be able to decipher which items to keep and which ones should stay.

You want your business to be diverse; however remain in the same trade and strategy as where you began. If you begin to add different items that are out of that specific trade you will likely lose customers because your product selection will begin to decrease.

If you want to expand your business you can most definitely do so. When doing this it should be an experimental process. This means that you should implementing new features or few new items for inventory slowly. Do not ever try to change your regular features or items with new ones. Use the few new experimental tools to determine whether or not the item will add value to your business.

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Break Away from the Competition

When you know what other businesses offer to their customers try to think of creative ways to provide your customers with a different experience than all of the “other guys.”

You do not want your business to be categorized along with the other companies that sell tools or software products.  You want to be the business that has the trending new tools, the reliable tools and the tools that customers may not be able to find anywhere else.

Here you must do research and see what you can do with your business to increase revenue and keep your customers coming back time and time again. In addition you could even offer different perks to your customers. Things such as offering coupons to members that sign up for business newsletters or reward points of some type. The “other guys” may not have these options and the more you put into your business the more you will benefit from your work.

It is important to know what the customers are looking for when shopping around for tools or choosing new sales software. The customers know what they want and the customers are the ones that dictate what you should have in your inventory or software.

Your business is only as strong as your customers and their dedication to your business. If you provide them with what they want – when they want your business to grow and expand.

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Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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