SaaS Business Loves Another SaaS Business: Here Are the Reasons Why

Despite the fact that the word love has been used, there is no romance or sentiments of any kind. Just numbers. Working in such a competitive market with 100+ newcomers (the new Software as a service business companies) coming every week, we truly believe in the advantages of SaaS business as well as trust in their solutions. Also, by leading Software as a service company by ourselves, we use more than 20 different tools for various daily activities such as marketing, customer success management, lead generation, development management, analytics, billing, and so on. All of these tools are SaaS-based solutions. Furthermore, Teamgate, the FrontRunner for Customer Relationship Management according to Gartner, uses its own Inbound Sales CRM for lead generation and qualification, sales and customers management, analytics and reports, etc., too. So, that is where the love for SaaS-based solutions comes into place.

SaaS shows no signs of decline by being the best-known branch of cloud computing. According to the latest data from Synergy Research, operator and vendor revenues across the main cloud services and infrastructure market segments hit $148 billion in 2016 growing at 25% annually. Also, Forrester Research predicts that SaaS & Cloud is going to reach $241 Billion in 2020. As SaaS is one of the most popular and innovative tools that has been developed for business, it seems that the market loves and trusts SaaS solutions, too. And there are the TOP reasons why:

Seamless integrations

Web technologies are friendlier for the various integrations compared with on-premises software. As enterprises turn to an API strategy in order to drive B2B integration, the fact that SaaS tools can be easily integrated with Multiple Apps (API Strategy) is one of the main advantages. Moreover, these actions usually are free of charge. So, this is one of the key reasons why SaaS solutions have so many integrations and became so popular.

Teamgate API

The growing business usually is a great example of the various integrations by showing great demand for it. The integral solutions when sales are combined with marketing to follow a Smarketing approach when the support service is upgraded to the Customer Success Management and the significance of the big data shows how many specific tools have to be integrated with each other. In this scenario, the SaaS solutions became a priority as most of the providers develop API strategy as well as want to follow its standards and the best practice. Furthermore, the integrations can be a valuable sales channel, too.

There are the reasons why SaaS solutions are usually integrated into other SaaS or multi-integral platforms such as Zapier which lets you easily connect using web apps and conduct needed integrations.

Freedom of choice

It is so common to feel at least a little bit stressed when you have to make important decisions regarding your business. Whether it is a strategic sales plan or internal communications issues.

If your attention is brought by dozens of SaaS tools developed for your business management, it is one of the easiest questions on the horizon as you are always welcome to try the free trials out. It means that you can try 5 or even more different tools per day, 20+ solutions within a week, and so on. The examples show, that if you are new in marketing, you can easily start with an e-mail campaign management tool, for instance, MailChimp. Though, after some time it is likely to start looking for something more powerful like HubSpot or Marketo. In principle, this is a quite attractive way to gain knowledge about the market by choosing the best solution.

Finally, even if you have already subscribed to a tool and found that it is not exactly what you were hoping for, you are always able to cancel the subscription. Basically, that is the way (by providing the opportunity to try it out and choose) SaaS business attracts prospects. 

Mobility & mobile apps

Today even the smallest SaaS business has a mobile app. Having just a web presence is no longer sufficient. Nowadays you must be able to carry your business management tool wherever you go or whatever you do. Your business should be with you on the go, 24/7.

Primarily, it is happening not only because of the importance of mobility. It is happening because of web technologies. Technology advancement allows the development of mobile applications easier and more competitive. Thus, companies with futuristic ideas can materialize their ideas faster. 

Rapid development & delivery

With the view of a rapidly changing business environment, the business must respond to new opportunities and competition. Consequently, the quick development and rapid delivery is one more advantage of SaaS. SaaS does not force you to wait for a new upgrade as you are used to doing that in order to get Windows on your PC.

For example, here at Teamgate, we use 20+ different apps every day. So, every single day we stay tuned for the new update, new feature innovations, APIs, new integrations, etc. at no additional costs. Despite the fact, that sometimes it might be overwhelming to deal with so much newness, there is also the ability to benefit from new features by staying first on the front lines. 

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Tools to meet the needs

You might disapprove of what we say, but the real-life-based example shows that 5 different tools are better than 1.

At least to write and publish this article, to monitor and capture the leads takes us to use 5 different tools. The most important aspect of choosing the all-in-one solution is the fact that you just simply do not need it all. Let’s be honest. Does Dave from your sales department really need the same things/tools/features that Marry from marketing has? The different departments in your organization, as well as the different roles, have separate goals. Therefore, possibly they need to use the different tools in order to achieve these goals.

5 Specific Tools are Better Than 1

Ask your team leaders or managers to pick the right tools for their teams. Integrate them into one perfect solution afterward. Finally, if you are still not able to make it work, ask your providers for assistance. That is why we call it – SOFTWARE AS (AND) A SERVICE.

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Get a holistic view of your sales

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