SharpSpring Marketing Automation meets Teamgate CRM

Why you need SharpSpring

Sales are flowing in and business is booming – all is good with the world. But, isn’t it time to raise the bar, and bring your marketing strategy to new heights? You need to engage with your customers at an even closer level, at an even more personal level. Plus, you need to generate and nurture your valuable leads in a seamless and fluid manner. No bumps, and no hiccups. What you really need is a full-feature marketing platform that does exactly what you need it to do, when you need it.

Welcome to the Teamgate sales CRM integration with the number one marketing automation platform, SharpSpring. Let’s see what it can do for you.

SharpSpring explained

SharpSpring is the fully-automated marketing platform designed to connect you with your clients and deliver all the vital information you need to engage them more successfully, time after time.

With affordable monthly contracts, great lead generation tools, amazing analytics, and a host of other game-changing features, SharpSpring has grabbed the attention of marketing agencies around the globe.

Tired of wasted mass communication campaigns? With the Teamgate-SharpSpring smart integration, you can now personalise and simplify all of your marketing strategies to bring your results,  – and your returns – to the next level. Working with the tools you already use you can take advantage of truly smart CRM management software, working hand-in-hand with next-generation automated marketing.

The future of ‘Smarketing’ is here and now.

With this integration, you can create or update SharpSpring contact records based on customer updates in Teamgate CRM. 

Teamgate SharpSpring - Sales Pipeline

How Does SharpSpring Integrate With Teamgate?

Essentially, SharpSpring’s all-in-one platform lets you automate and target your marketing to the specific needs of your customers. You can create triggers based on customer behaviour, then target your marketing to customers’ needs, interests, and their user journey.

Additionally, lead tracking with SharpSpring lets you build customer relationships based on specific, actionable information.

SharpSpring Teamgate Integrations List

Where Can I Learn More and How Do I Get Started?

Head over to  SharpSpring’s website to learn more about marketing automation and SharpSpring’s features. Be sure to schedule a demo to see it in action. Contracts are month-to-month so you won’t get locked into a long-term deal. From there, it’s incredibly simple to connect SharpSpring to your Teamgate CRM account via Zapier.

Here’s how:

Find SharpSpring in Zapier and then start by selecting a Teamgate trigger. 

SharpSpring Teamgate Zapier 1

Then select your Teamgate account to connect.

SharpSpring Teamgate Zapier 2

You need to add an authentication key from your Teamgate profile.

Now, you need to decide what will trigger an action – whether it’s a New Lead, New Deal or another specific event connected to the Teamgate user journey.

Now, you’ll need to choose a SharpSpring action.

SharpSpring Teamgate Zapier 3

Connect your SharpSpring account to Zapier and fill in your credentials in the pop-up window. 

SharpSpring Teamgate Zapier 4

And from there you can follow the on-screen prompts to start supercharging your marketing with SharpSpring! Happy selling! 

SharpSpring Teamgate Zapier 5

Now you are ready to use all the benefits of marketing automation and CRM in one place. 


Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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