How to Use CRM for Cold Calling

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In case you didn’t know it, there is one simple solution to the burdensome tasks of cold calling and Telemarketing. That’s the much underutilised Teamgate-SmartDialer CRM integration

Let’s be blunt.

Cold calling and telemarketing are difficult enough tasks without making them any more difficult. When reaching out to your prospective customers, land-lines are no longer the preferred, or sensible solution.

What sales and marketing people really need is one, simple, go-to solution to manage all of their calling requirements. The Teamgate-SmartDialer CRM integration is that solution.

SmartDialer lets you call directly from Teamgate – no manual entry, no chasing phone numbers – plus, you have access to all of the other relevant information to hand as you make your calls (location, age, company, position, etc.).

Internet calling

In addition to other lead sourcing and marketing practices, Teamgate’s SmartDialer integration adds an extra and hugely valuable dimension to cold calling and telemarketing. But not just that, Teamgate’s SmartDialer can be used for every stage of your sales pipeline, from lead sourcing right through to customer service.

What’s not to love? 

Why cold calling shouldn’t be the poor relation

Telemarketing and cold calling are often considered the poor relations in the sales family. They are usually viewed in one of two ways; a complete waste of time and money; or the rock on which a company’s sales are built.

Whatever your views are, it’s a fact; people have developed a thick skin (and a sharp tongue) towards cold callers and telemarketers, and are less inclined to engage in random sales banter – with random strangers.

Plus, cold calling can be an expensive means of lead capture.

But remember, it still has a vital place and needs to be taken very seriously. A cold calling or telemarketing campaign can return better value for spending due to the personal nature, and the one-to-one customer nurturing element of the medium.

However cold calling still faces some problems which need to be tackled:

  • Time wasted accessing the right phone numbers to call.
  • Missed calls can cost you valuable sales.
  • No access to conversation records unless the notes from the call are comprehensive.
  • Your sales team have no access to call discussions.
  • Because of the increasing challenges of personal and privacy regulations, cold-calling has become far more selective in the sourcing of the prospective customers.
  • With cold calling comes a lot of manual note taking; comments on the call; follow up calls planned; additional information sourced, and all the other information required to take the sale to the next stage.
  • Time wasting – if you’re not talking to the right person, you’re wasting time. If you talking to the right person but using the wrong sales script, you’re wasting time.
  • It is often difficult to ascertain the success rates, clear results, or statistics – calls made, and outcomes reached.

But that’s where SmartDialer and Teamgate can help you to overcome these concerns.


It stands to reason that if you have to engage in the practice of cold calling and telemarketing, isn’t it better to come armed with the best tools available?

Teamgate’s SmartDialer integration is ideal for cold calling and telemarketing. It’s the single, unified communication solution providing you with all the very best tools and features needed to reach beyond the old practices of cold calling.

At Teamgate we spend a lot (a LOT) of time engaged in calling and telemarketing, so we know, first-hand, the problems and just how to solve them. Over the years we’ve seen how sales techniques and sales methods have developed from outbound to inbound.

We have always tried to adapt the Teamgate CRM to these constant changes, and the evolving needs of sales and marketing teams. We have seen the problems, and we have designed the tools and features to remedy them, smarter, and faster.

How Teamgate’s SmartDialer can solve those problems:

  1. Your lead sourcing has already identified potential customers who have been entered into your Teamgate account. You can now simply make – and receive – calls directly through Teamgate sales CRM.
  2. Missed calls are listed and recorded along with the customer’s profile. This can save you valuable time and money, it can help you reschedule missed calls, and, it can also help nurture your leads by displaying your willingness to interact in a timely manner.
  3. You can record and playback all of your online phone calls. This can help you clarify any situation, it can help you learn where you may have made a mistake, and it can help improve your calling technique. Plus,  Teamgate’s SmartDialer integration let you store unlimited call records and history.
  4. Make and record call-specific notes directly within the customer’s Teamgate profile card. Notes can then be shared with sales colleagues allowing them to keep up to speed on individual communications.
  5. Sales managers – and sales individuals – can track the number of calls made, and evaluate the effectiveness of those calls.
  6. Recorded sales calls can be used for training purposes, allowing salespeople to hone and improve their sales pitch, and learn from their errors.
  7. The integration’s call logger lets you see all call history; incoming and outgoing calls, call owners, plus recordings and playback.

All of the above features are invaluable for sales managers who need to access a fuller, more complete picture of the whole sales process; call effectiveness; calls made and received; call techniques; assessing the value of cold calling in comparison to other methods; and, help when planning future sales strategy.

What to do next

Even if cold calling or telemarketing is only a fractional part of your sales strategy, we’re pretty sure that you still need a really smart calling solution.

Teamgate’s SmartDialer – the ultimate sales dialer – is easy to set up and can have you calling more successfully in no time. With four or five easy steps you’re ready to start calling smarter, and more productively.

If you think this is the solution for you why not sign up for a FREE Teamgate trial today. You have nothing to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain.

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