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A special free plugin for WordPress, the most popular content management system designed for qualified lead capture. You’ll find instructions and examples on the Teamgate support page.
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Using Zapier, integrate as many tools as you like to increase the number of website leads. Instructions and examples can be found on the Zapier integration page.

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API for Something More

For customised solutions, use the powerful supported API. Integrate the systems you need to capture more leads. Find the API Library on the Teamgate developer’s page.

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Data Import

Save precious time and eliminate manual data import. Now you can use flexible import options, easily importing data from Excel spreadsheets, Google contacts, your address book, and lots more options. No more time wasted.
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Linkedin Shuttle

A simple and hugely valuable tool that helps you to automatically import your LinkedIn contacts – and all details – directly to your Teamgate account, with just one click.

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Landing Pages

Use Landing Pages to generate sales leads automatically. You can create – and A/B test – a number of landing page template without the assistance of web designers or IT specialists.

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Built-in dialer

Make calls directly from your Teamgate CRM. Use Smart Dialer for redirecting calls, notifying you of missed calls, call playback, employee training, performance improvement, capture new leads, and to store communication history.
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Call Logging

Call logging and history allows you to see all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as playback their recordings. Teamgate helps to route incoming calls to relevant owners and log missed calls.

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Calling Scripts

Using scripts prepared in advance, make your sales pitch smarter, and to the point. Ask the right questions, and make sure that you’re asked the questions you want to be asked. Sales scripts are the smart answer.

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Call Analysis

Teamgate lets you easily analyse your calling results, and to improve call productivity you can view call logs in your Teamgate account.
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Transfer the number

With Teamgate, you can save time by using your computer to make mobile or landline calls. Anything that helps to save you time while you focus on selling, has to be good for business.

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Insights and Analysis

Logging calls and analysing the data records helps you to evaluate the sales efforts of your team, and accurately identify their input into successful, and unsuccessful sales efforts.

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MailChimp integration allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns to your leads or contacts using custom filters. It also helps you to track your campaign status directly in Teamgate Sales CRM.
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Outgoing Email via SMTP Server

Tested and verified ‘emails that work‘ can be turned into email templates. You can quickly compose new emails from Teamgate CRM, share templates with colleagues, and simply boost the efficiency of your team’s output.

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Document Management

Collect and keep all information related to your deals in one convenient location. Plus, include all associated documents: proposals, contracts, pictures, etc. Simply upload all associated files to your deal card, these documents can then be easily found and downloaded.

Customisation & Segmentation

Contacts can be segmented into the categories of your choice. In this way you can keep your database highly-organised, plus, by using filters find and view the files and documents you want instantly.

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Having a contact list littered with duplicates is every sales manager’s nightmare, but now there is a simple solution to avoid this. Teamgate automatically detects duplicates at the point of import.

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The Teamgate integration with OpenStreetMap helps you to have a clear and concise picture of where your leads are located geographically. Plus, you have the advantage of a route-finder should you want to plan several calls in the same vicinity, and lets you map your journey there. Time saved on the road.
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Smart Search

Finding the necessary information promptly is important to salespeople. Teamgate’s global search solution offers you the benefit of a cross-section search and view the results associated with keywords.


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Time Management

Plan your time, take action and win. Having dedicated plans helps you to manage your time much smarter, and more productively. Plan actions with reminders, show availability to colleagues, and gather customer communication history all in one easily accessible location.

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Lead Conversion

When a lead is qualified you can easily convert it to a contact, while keeping all communication history in one place. Easily associate a deal or activity with any converted lead.
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Lead Recycling

Teamgate helps you make sure you never miss another business opportunity again. Even you don’t sell first time around, all your unqualified leads are stored and available for recycling at any time.

Events & Reminders

For sales teams, effective time management is imperative. With Teamgate CRM never miss an action or an appointment again – plan your time smarter, set reminders, take action more easily, and win!

Unqualification Reasons

In order to help your sales team, it’s best to collect as much data as possible; this offers you better insights and helps improve the work processes. Teamgate recommends that you prioritise, identify and analyse lead unqalification reasons.
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Qualification Optimisation

Various actions performed during the lead qualification period – such as lead scoring, source and industry tracking, status change, unqualified reasons marking – all allow you to generate statistics and gain insights on how the lead nurturing process can be improved.

Morning Muffin

Teamgate’s “Morning Muffin” is a short daily newsletter summarising the most important updates from the previous day’s workload (lead updates, pipeline updates), plus, all of today‘s agenda details.

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Lead Scoring

Lead scoring helps you determine which leads are hot, and which leads are not, allowing your sales and marketing teams to put their efforts into the best opportunities for revenue generation.
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Lead Status

Lead status offers insights into the current status of every lead. The status identifies whether you have already started working with the prospect, and the actions to be taken next.

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User Teams

Teamgate gives you the ability to create ‘user teams’. User teams let you easily filter leads, deals, contacts, and companies, by the teams to which they belong. Knowing which user team a lead or deal belongs to, helps you to plan a clearer sales process.

Mobile Apps

With Teamgate mobile app solution your data can be accessed and updated from everywhere on the go! Be confident that all the necessary information is always with you when you need it.

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Sales Pipelines

Teamgate sales CRM offers you a great solution for businesses with multiple sales processes. You can easily create and manage multiple pipelines to facilitate separate reporting options, and to follow and improve the performance of multiple parallel sales processes simultaneously.

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Sales Pipeline Movement

The empowered and proven way to shorten your sales cycle instantly. The Sales Pipeline movement report is designed to show the movement of each sales opportunity in a specific time period.

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Multiple Currencies

Specific deals can be assigned the currency of your choice. Multi-currency support is convenient for companies and sales teams working with a global marketplace.

Sales Dashboard

The Teamgate sales dashboard provides you with an at-a-glance overview of your sales, vital to check the health of your pipeline, forecast for the future, and track performance.

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Sorting and Filtering

Use flexible search filtering options and make your workflow more efficient. A number of search criteria allow you to quickly filter any necessary information you need.

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Sales Insights

Base your sales process actions on intelligent, well-sourced analysis. Teamgate offers data-driven, smart reports which provide a real-time image of your business

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