An Extensive Sales Stack for Current Business

The adaption of stacks had been the talk of the town in the businesses and enterprises for years now. The idea of using stacks has benefited many, and a lot more are still contemplating whether to go for this or not.  This rumination is also shared by the salespeople who have started to focus more on adopting the technological advancements available these days.

The more a business concentrates on the refinement of its sales process, better the results are. To get an extensive sales stack and to move one step ahead towards automation, the understanding of an organization’s sales pipeline is all-important.

Evaluation of Sales Process

A sales pipeline or sales process make it possible for organizations to guide the potential customers all the way till the finalization of the deal. The quality of journey that an organization is providing to its prospects can have a significant effect on its growth. By looking into the sales process with a greater perspective, a successful sales process looks something like this:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Management
  • Product Demonstration
  • Deal Closing

Let’s discuss the steps of the sales process in detail and know how we can use CRM strategies with a sales stack. The exploration of these steps is imperative because senselessly adding new tools can make things difficult for you in the long run. The understanding of these steps can lead to the creation of a comprehensive sales stack for the businesses these days.

Lead Generation

The generation of lead can be approached in different ways including outsourcing, 3rd party lead sourcing, and manual prospecting.

It is preferable to select a lead generation strategy that best suits your business. Manual prospecting is beneficial only when a company has got enough time to deal with this.  Sales intelligence software can prove to be helpful in the manual prospecting. Manual prospecting is cost effective but time-consuming.

In case if you have less time but more money, then outsourcing and 3rd party lead sourcing are feasible options where a company can hire freelancers from credible platforms after meticulously picking the high performers.

Lead Management

Lead management is the step where CRM plays its role by efficiently managing the sales process. The CRM is undoubtedly one of the main things that sales stack is about. Although it can be difficult to handle the process, in the beginning, CRM strategies are effective in this regard.

A sales platform that incorporates CRM can tackle with all the marketing activities while taking it along the sales process. A CRM is considered as the keystone for a successful sales pipeline being the major database of all communication.

A sales process needs to make persistent attempts to get a positive response from a potential client. A sales stack itself allows to manage the personalization and automation side by side to achieve a positive response from a prospect.

lead-management-teamgate (1)

Product Demonstration

At this stage, most of the organizations have already started to get responses from the prospective clients in the form of personal meetings, phone calls, and demonstrations. The inability of an organization’s sales stack to manage this high volume of responses can prove to be a nightmare.

A comprehensive sales stack can enable an organization to utilize a cloud-based conferencing system and save the prospects from the trouble of downloading software to get a demo.

The strategies work well with the sales stack by making sure that the scheduled demonstration doesn’t contradict with the organization’s timeline in any way.

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Deal Closing

The closing of the deal is the step when the prospect turns into a customer by committing to buy your product. It is also imperative to have such tools to make this deal closing process convenient.

Acquiring tools for deal closing ensures that the prospect necessarily buys what he came for, and any glitches in this step can cause a prospect to move back and refrain from the deal closing process.

A CRM-Sales Stack strategy can ensure that a convenient deal closing experience awaits client. The satisfaction of a client is beneficial in the long run because the revenue of an organization gradually rises with the increased number of customers.

In a nutshell, a Sales Stack provides intelligent insights and makes multi-process management easy for the companies.


Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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