Choosing the Right Types of CRM for B2C

Not every CRM software solution suits your business needs, their size and shape may not be the only concern, rather the point of concern comes into play where the compatibility of the software doesn’t match with the overall enterprise requirements. As CRM software is a crucial component not only for B2B but also for all B2C interactions, it is pivotal for businesses to make the right decision for setting an efficient sales trajectory across business functions.

Even if you are not new to the CRM software world, you still need to set some CRM-related goals as the new technological developments are pouring in every now and then. There are three types of users who would be reading this blog to make a choice for integrating the right CRM solution.

  • Startups & Millenials; who are new to the world of CRM Software world
  • Small and Medium-sized businesses who are finding it difficult to adapt to the new changes
  • Businesses who are planning to expand or revamp their existing CRM solutions

For gauging the compatibility of your CRM software, you must be looking for certain metrics. Some of them are mentioned below.

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Real Time Data processing

Many businesses operate on every shred of connectivity, the data gathering, sharing, and storing takes place in seconds. In such cases, businesses require a platform where data is processed in real-time, which can be presented in the form of trend reports or sales figures. Whether it’s about lead management or sales management, your CRM solution needs to give a clear presentation of the KPIs weighed against the actual performance map. So, your CRM solution must have smart reporting tools that can be broken down into measurable chunks of activities. Also, you can decide whether you would require a daily, weekly, or monthly track record for your CRM activities, depending on your business’s course of operation.

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Smart Integration Solution

Many channels of communication are already integrated into your business systems, such as emails, social networks, portals VoIP, and other connectivity tools. A good CRM solution must be able to blend in your existing systems with the smooth integration of additional features such as task management, leads and sales management, sales pipeline tracking, storage and collaboration areas, and many more.

Not only this, but you can also think of integrating enterprise resource management, automated call diversion, campaign management, and shared voice telephony. But, it all comes down to one thing: what does your CRM solution has to offer you. So, when choosing such software, you must be sure about its integration and compatibility with the built-in features of other enterprise solutions.

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CRM on Business Size Basis

It is pertinent that businesses must choose CRM based on the size of their enterprise. For small businesses, there are limited numbers of users who would be using the CRM software. The features and modules needed for such businesses will also be less as compared to large businesses. On the contrary, enterprise CRM would require more features for data handling and more access support. So, your choice must be based on the utility of the software rather than its popularity.

All these metrics will make it easy for you to choose the most suitable CRM system for all your B2C functions. You need to look into the bigger picture of the ever-changing technological landscape. It may sound cliché at the moment as many businesses have already ventured into the world of cloud-based CRM, but small and medium-sized businesses still struggle to get their way through such CRM solutions, till they don’t find a match that will make them competitive.

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