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The Relationship Between Marketing & Human Resources

This article explores the intersection of marketing and human resource management, providing innovative strategies for attracting and retaining top talent. It emphasizes the role of branding in the hiring process, the importance of accurate hiring to align with a company’s business plan, and the need for HR strategies to evolve with changing market conditions and generational expectations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marketing techniques can be effectively used in the HR hiring process. By creating a unique and attractive company brand, businesses can appeal to potential employees who align with their culture and values.
  • To avoid the high costs associated with bad hires, it’s crucial to match the hiring process with the company’s business plan. This involves being clear about who the company is and who it’s looking for, ensuring the best possible fit.
  • The relationship between marketing and HR must be dynamic, adapting to new ways of reaching quality applicants. Businesses should consider offering attractive benefits and refining their hiring strategies to appeal to the changing preferences of new generations.
  • A central CRM system can facilitate collaboration between marketing and HR departments. By storing all customer and employee interactions in one place, it facilitates data-driven decision-making and ensures a cohesive approach toward both customer and employee engagement.

In this competitive market, companies need to find new ways to attract the right customers and talent. While finding your audience is always a big step, having a strong group of employees might just be the most important way to find success today. It’s not enough to simply put up a want ad online or in the newspaper. Those days are long gone. This article will show the role of marketing in Human Resources today and how hiring managers can utilize these promotional techniques to attract the best-fit team members.  

Because employees want to work for brands they feel aligned with their goals, marketing and human resources go hand-in-hand. There is more competition than ever for top talent, and this means companies of all sizes have to act quickly to find the best employees. According to OfficeVibe, the best candidates are off the market in only 10 days.

In this article, we’ll dive into why Human Resource Managers can utilize marketing techniques to make their hiring process smoother. With these practices, companies can attract the highest-quality applicants the first time around.

Marketing and Human Resources

Branding the Business

We’ve all read through lackluster job descriptions and company profiles. These do nothing to spark candidate interest, and they might even scare away the best talent. While branding is a term that’s usually used strictly in marketing, it’s just as applicable to the HR hiring process.

Today, employees want more than just a place to work. They want a culture they can feel comfortable in. Communicating this unique culture is a type of branding. When branding your company in the job profile and during the hiring process, talk about the reputation of the business and how its mission is a strong part of the daily routine. Talk about the way your company is different than the competition. This is what will make your applicants excited to learn more, and more enthusiastic about joining the team.

Hiring Accurately

Bad hires can cost companies upwards of thousands of dollars. This harm goes beyond just the monetary costs of training and onboarding the employee. They also include lowered morale across the entire team. That’s why it’s crucial you learn to get the hiring process right the first time. How do you do that? You need to match your hiring process with your company’s business plan.

Just like when marketing a business, you are clear with your message. You know who you are and who you’re trying to talk to. When hiring, it’s no different. You’re not writing a job description for everyone. You’re writing it for the best applicant. Note that best fit might not mean most accomplished. Yes, education and experience are always important, but some things can be taught along the way with the right person. Find new ways to reach these right candidates, whether it’s through a blog or local conferences. You might have to go to them to avoid wasting time and money on another bad hire. 

Marketing and HR Relationship


The most important way that marketing is related to Human Resources is that it’s always changing. As we’ve said before, the ways of finding candidates in the past are no longer successful. Today, you’ll need to find new ways to reach quality applicants within your own budget.

Look into the benefits common in your industry. Can you offer smaller things to lure in potential team members? Things like Online Employee Scheduling Software – Humanity and remote work are all on the rise and have shown to be attractive to modern candidates. Remember that this is a new generation of employees. Millennials and Generation Z are joining the workforce, and they don’t necessarily look for the same things as Gen X and Baby Boomers.

How can you reach this new audience without compromising your values? Let’s review the plan of action:

  • Develop a clear brand for your business. This is what will set you apart from similar companies in your industry.
  • Get top resumes and talent by creating clear job descriptions, using the right marketing boards, and knowing exactly what kind of candidate you’re looking for.
  • Refine your hiring strategy moving forward to reflect new practices, needs, and trends.

Markets change, and so do the expectations of applicants. Trial and error go a long way, but don’t be afraid to try something new. As long as the focus is on the applicants and finding a strong fit, you’re on the right path. 

Facilitating Marketing and HR Communications with Teamgate

Teamgate is an integral tool in bridging the gap between marketing and human resources communications. It serves as a comprehensive, user-friendly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that allows for seamless interaction and information exchange between these two vital departments. 

With its robust data management and tracking capabilities, Teamgate ensures that both departments are aligned in their strategies and goals. Marketing campaigns can be crafted based on the insights gathered from HR about employee engagement and company culture. 

Likewise, HR can use feedback from marketing to understand market trends and customer needs, shaping their talent acquisition and management strategies accordingly. Teamgate, therefore, fosters a collaborative environment, promoting efficiency, coherence, and mutual understanding between marketing and HR departments.

Ready to revolutionize your HR and marketing communications? Start your journey with Teamgate today by booking a demo.  

​​FAQs: Marketing and Human Resources

Q: What is the relationship between marketing and human resources?

A: Marketing and human resources have a close relationship in attracting and retaining top talent. Marketing techniques can be used in the hiring process by creating a unique company brand that appeals to potential employees aligned with the company’s culture and values.


Q: How can branding impact the hiring process?

A: Branding plays a significant role in the hiring process. Communicating a company’s unique culture and reputation attracts candidates who resonate with the company’s mission. A strong brand profile and job description can spark candidate interest and enthusiasm about joining the team.


Q: How can HR managers utilize marketing techniques in the hiring process?

A: HR managers can utilize marketing techniques to make the hiring process smoother and attract high-quality applicants. By applying marketing practices, such as clear messaging, targeted outreach, and communication of the company’s unique value proposition, HR managers can effectively engage with potential candidates.


Q: How important is accurate hiring for a company?

A: Accurate hiring is crucial for a company as bad hires can result in significant costs and lowered team morale. To avoid these consequences, it is essential to align the hiring process with the company’s business plan. HR managers should be clear about the company’s identity, communicate specific requirements for the role, and find innovative ways to reach and attract the right candidates.


Q: How should HR strategies evolve with changing market conditions and generational expectations?

A: HR strategies should adapt to changing market conditions and generational expectations. It is important to offer attractive benefits and refine hiring strategies to meet the preferences of new generations entering the workforce, such as millennials and Generation Z. HR managers should continuously refine their practices, stay updated on industry trends, and find new ways to reach quality applicants.


Q: How can a central CRM system facilitate collaboration between marketing and HR departments?

A: A central CRM system like Teamgate facilitates collaboration between marketing and HR departments by storing customer and employee interactions in one place. This allows for data-driven decision-making, a cohesive approach to customer and employee engagement, and exchange of insights between the two departments. Teamgate serves as a comprehensive CRM platform that promotes efficiency and mutual understanding between marketing and HR.


Q: How can I revolutionize HR and marketing communications with Teamgate?

A: Teamgate serves as a comprehensive, user-friendly CRM platform that facilitates communication and information exchange between marketing and HR departments. It helps align strategies, gather insights, and foster a collaborative environment. To revolutionize HR and marketing communications, start by booking a demo with Teamgate and explore the benefits it offers for your organization.


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