Networking and Capturing of New Leads with CRM

In today’s competitive markets, any company delivering services or products needs to constantly market in a bid to try and reach more people. As your sales team works tirelessly looking for new leads daily, it may get harder and frustrating over time. This is where CRM comes in. Every company who sells something, whether items or services, needs CRM. A CRM tool is a necessity because:

1. It lets you register your contacts and leads

2. It is possible to track customer interactions and build networks

3. It helps you manage and store your customer data

When it comes to capturing new sales leads particularly, this can be one of the hardest tasks for any sales team. Previously, it involved a lot of hands on work on the company website, events and use of advertisements. However, with social media platforms like LinkedIn, reaching a greater number of potential clients has been made so much easier. The only issue now becomes management of the sites and integration with the company systems. This is where Social CRM comes in.

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Deeper into Social CRM

This CRM feature, simply involves using technology and particularly social media to interact with customers and build networks. This is as a result one of the major business growth tools for any serious company. Taking the importance of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many others in marketing today, it is necessary that CRM systems integrate social media sites. Especially with younger generations as a target, companies use social media to bring attention to their services, products, or brands, in order to build up customer relationships and increase the overall demand.

By having platforms like LinkedIn on the database, companies can communicate with customers to get and also track feedback like opinions, complaints and experiences. With such information, a company can get more insight into how they are perceived and know how to improve. CRM software platforms can also combine these social media trends and the internal survey data to make a comprehensive report. Thus, you as a company can make better decisions and improve their brand, products or service.

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Social CRM and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for looking for new opportunities and sales leads. Moreover, on LinkedIn, through use of customer communities, clients can directly post reviews and interact with you and fellow customers in real time.

By use of referrals and follows, a company can therefore capture new leads and easily reach new markets. Through such interactions, finding new potential customers and building relationships should be a much easier task! Therefore, it is easier for sales teams to go through the whole sales pipeline where they can easily find leads, work effortlessly to turn them into opportunities, and finally complete with a sale.

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This is not forgetting Mobile CRM which refers to CRM apps for tablets and smartphones. This makes work more mobile for marketing professionals and sales representatives using GPS and the LinkedIn mobile app. That way, they can easily offer quality services while on the go.  Best of all, now there are some software tools which allow you to easily import data to your CRM tool directly from your LinkedIn profile, such as name, company name, title, email address and telephone number, if provided.

To conclude, companies nowadays should consider using these CRM tools that can offer some social integrations, creating value for every company to capture new leads faster and with less effort.

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