Sourcing Data from All Angles for Valuable Market Insight

This is How the 360° Customer View is Easily Attainable

Last time we were creating an email marketing campaign, we had the same forms we always begin with, same autoresponders, and a similar outreach plan. The information collecting tactics, however, were just a little more intensive, and the monumental results were well worth the extra steps. By using free online data sources, paired with Teamgate’s simplistic platform, customers became much more than just email addresses and purchase histories. In turn, our outreach strategy underwent a metamorphosis from traditional advertising techniques to a targeted and high-converting conversation with our market.

The 360 degree customer view provided us with insights and trends, specific to our campaign, that we couldn’t have predicted otherwise. All of this was possible by following just a few extra steps when creating our customer profiles.

Is There any Difference Between Leads, Prospects, and Customers?

The very first thing to do with your customer profiles is to break them into three groups – leads, prospects, and customers. Customers are those in your target market who have solidified their position by purchasing something from you at some point. Prospects are those interested in making a purchase. Leads are potential customers (A lead may have signed up for your mailing list, but has yet to complete  or a transaction.). In order to compare traits later, it is important to know where on the spectrum an individual stands.

As prospects make purchases, you can move them into the customer category. As leads take interest, you can move them into the prospects category. A good Sales Stack platform will be set up for just this. With customer relationship management technology, there is no need to create tedious spreadsheets or clutter your life tons of separate files for each group; you can store information for each group in one place for easy comparison.

Where Did This Guy Come From?

Chances are that you’ve got hundreds, even thousands of customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could remember how each person is connected to your organization and what other customers and companies they’re connected to? You can. If you’re using a modern Sales Stack platform, you can easily categorize customers into detailed segments and organize by company. This means that if you’re selling to Company X, and Jane, John, and Suzan all work for company X, you can find them just by clicking on their company in your dashboard. In this way you can send targeted and personalized messages to subgroups that know more than just where you’re at in one sale.

This kind of list segmentation comes in especially handy when you’re delivering personal sales calls and sending out individual emails. You can mention to Suzan that Jane made her order last week, and let her know that, not only are you paying attention, but also instill a “team” mindset into the process. We all want to buy from those that treat us like real people. The more you know about a lead or prospect, the more successful you will be in closing any sale. 

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Does List Segmentation Only Benefit Sales?

If you’re wondering if you can use a Sales Stack platform for your advertising and marketing efforts as well as sales, the answer is yes. You can give everyone in your company access to as much of your information as you want. A marketing professional may have a different kind of insight to add to customer notes that will aide the sales process and vise-versa. Through modern Sales Stack, you can see your customer from all angles. This describes the information that you have access to, and the perspective of the staff member looking at it.

Think of modern Sales Stack as more than just a gym floor; it’s a basketball… a basketball game. Even if you had every bit of your customers’ information before, you were still coming at the idea of customer relationship management as if the Earth were flat, so to speak. Now, you’re able to look at it as the three dimensional object it is, and see the way that it orbits in space. Feel free to get excited.

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How Can You Start Taking Advantage of This Data Mine?

You knew there had been a breakthrough in business and data mining, and you were sure there was a way to start harvesting from your customers. What you didn’t know was how to do it without gambling a fortune on research that may or may not have anything to do with your target audience. Now is the perfect time to start exploring the vast universe inside your customer list. Sign up for a free trial with teamgate, upload your subscriber and customer lists, and start taking advantage of the advanced insights with everyone on your team, today.


Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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