How to import LinkedIn contact data using Teamgate-LinkedIn Shuttle

Export LinkedIn contacts and all details in seconds

Question: How you do import more valuable leads quicker? Answer: Learn to easily extract contacts from LinkedIn, directly to Teamgate, using the Teamgate-LinkedIn Shuttle.

LinkedIn is an invaluable source of lead generation, and now you can take full use of its potential by using the LinkedIn Shuttle to Import LinkedIn contacts, directly to your Teamgate sales CRM. Save valuable time and avoid manually typing, and importing all of your LinkedIn contact’s details; name, address, company, position, email – and even phone number, if available – with just one click.

How does the Teamgate-LinkedIn Shuttle work?

Sourcing optimised leads is a time-consuming task for sales and marketing people. Anything that simplifies the process, and makes it more transparent, has to be welcomed. The Teamgate-LinkedIn Shuttle is just what sales teams have been waiting for.

Using the LinkedIn data extractor engine, one click allows you import, both leads and contact details from pre-targeted profiles. No more manual typing, and tedious repetition.

Set up your Linkedin Shuttle in seconds

Automatic data capture from LinkedIn couldn’t be simpler. The Teamgate-LinkedIn Shuttle is a free Google Chrome web browser extension and can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Web Store.

  1. After downloading the shuttle, simply ‘Add Extension’, and you’re ready to go.
  2. Firstly, sign-in with the same details as you use to sign in to your Teamgate account.
  3. Launch the LinkedIn page, open the person’s profile whose contact details you want to import.
  4. Press ‘see contact info’ button and then click on the active ‘Shuttle’ icon.
  5. Finally, press ‘+Add Lead’, or ‘+Add Contact’, and you’re ready to import all the contact’s details to Teamgate. It really is that simple.

Automatic data capture saves you significant time spent manually typing and importing every detail from a contact’s profile. Plus, you are adding only quality contacts, or leads, which you have actively identified and targeted.


Abe Dearmer

Abe has a vast experience running multiple SaaS companies and is an expert on all things Sales, Marketing and SEO.

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