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10 CRM Integrations You Need to Unlock Sales Growth & Efficiency

10 CRM Integrations You Need to Unlock Sales Growth & Efficiency

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software provides businesses with customer insights and automation tools. These insights and tools help a business improve team efficiency, sales, customer service, customer retention, and more.

While a CRM tool is powerful on its own, you can get even more from your CRM software with integrations. CRM integrations are third-party applications connected to your CRM software to help you achieve more with your customer and sales data. With the right integration, you can save time and money and increase productivity by automating more of your functions.

Since several CRM integrations are available, picking the best ones for your team can be tricky. We’ve simplified your search for the right CRM integration by compiling the integrations every business needs to supercharge marketing and sales.

10 CRM Integrations Your Business Needs To Unlock Sales Growth

The best CRM integrations simplify handling sales processes, engaging with prospective and existing customers, and managing your business. Here are the top integrations that ease fulfilling these functions:

1. Zendesk Integration

Zendesk is a customer service software that businesses use for managing and storing customer requests. It also simplifies communicating with customers by allowing your team to interact with customers via their preferred communication channels, including social media.

A Zendesk CRM integration will let your team view and respond to all customer requests and queries from a single location. Your team will also see which customer requests have received a response, eliminating the danger of a customer query going unanswered. Other benefits of Zendesk CRM integration include improved cross-team collaboration and storage of customer communication history for easy reference.

2. Email Integration

Email is among the top business outreach and marketing tactics because it delivers impressive results. With an email CRM integration, you can simplify your email outreach functions in several ways. For instance, you can use customer data from your CRM to automate creating and sending personalized emails to update customers or respond to queries.

You can also have email templates, which your team can modify to respond to queries and avoid the hassle of crafting emails from scratch. Lastly, an email CRM integration can provide a central sales inbox that you can connect to email providers like Gmail and Outlook. Your team can view and respond to all customer emails from the sales inbox, eliminating the need to switch between email platforms to check or answer emails.

3. Twilio Integration

Customers prefer seeking customer support via phone when they have urgent issues. A Twilio CRM integration will provide you with a phone system your team can use to call customers directly from your CRM. It’s more convenient because your customer details are already in your CRM. You can also log and record calls made with Twilio for analysis to improve future customer communications.

Lastly, Twilio offers the option to reach customers via SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp. You even have the option to schedule messages to send at specific times to market products, remind customers about upcoming appointments, or ask for feedback.

4. Nexmo Integration

The Nexmo CRM integration is a useful add-on for sending inbound and outbound SMS to customers or team members. You can also set SMS reminders to keep your teammates or customers updated about upcoming events.

Using the integration costs less than sending bulk SMS through traditional means, especially since sending international SMS with the platform is cheaper. It’s also more convenient because you and your team can use it from the comfort of your CRM, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple messaging tools.

5. LinkedIn Integration

Social media is excellent for gathering customer insights and finding new leads. If you are a B2B company, one of the best social platforms for getting such results is LinkedIn. Fortunately, a LinkedIn CRM integration is available for maximizing your use of the platform.

With a LinkedIn integration, your team can find leads with less effort and avoid the hassle of manually entering, sorting, and storing data. The integration will facilitate the automatic gathering and storage of relevant data from the LinkedIn profiles of potential leads, and you can follow up with the most qualified ones.

6. Freshdesk Integration

Freshdesk is a customer support system that integrates with many CRMs. You can use the Freshdesk CRM integration to leverage customer data to improve customer services. Users can view the newest customer information and take appropriate actions to resolve customer issues quickly. Since the software is customizable, you can easily modify it to suit the unique needs of your business.

7. WordPress Integration

The WordPress CRM integration helps automate lead generation to bring about more sales. The integration accomplishes this by allowing you to create custom forms on WordPress and add the forms to your landing pages. Prospects can fill out the forms, providing you with the data you need to follow up with the prospects who are most likely to convert.

Examples of the forms you can create for smarter lead capturing are contacts and subscription web forms. You can monitor filled forms as new Lead, Contact, or Deal within your CRM.

8. QuickBooks Integration

Accounting and financial processes are typically time-consuming, and the slightest mistake during data entry can cause various problems. The QuickBooks CRM integration makes life easier by simplifying your accounting and financial processes.

The integration accomplishes this by providing a central location where you can manage invoices and view customer payments. Your team can access this central location remotely from any device, allowing sales and marketing people to collaborate from different locations.

Another benefit of the integration is two-way synchronization, which removes the need to enter the same data multiple times. Simply put, QuickBooks CRM integration eliminates tedious and out-of-date accounting practices, allowing your team to be more productive.

9. Zapier Integration

Zapier is one of the most beneficial CRM integrations you can have. It can serve as a CRM connector that allows you to connect even more tools to your CRM.

CRM connectors link your CRM to more applications to expand functionality. For example, thanks to the Zapier CRM integration, you can connect Teamgate to apps like Trello, Asana, and HubSpot and web form makers like Wufoo and JotForm.

Also, with Zapier, you can automatically transfer data from CRM connector integrations to your CRM and other third-party apps connected to your system. In summary, Zapier can turn your CRM into a central hub where your team can see, control, track, and manage all the customer data they typically rely on to function.

10. Mailchimp Integration

Businesses use Mailchimp CRM integration to simplify email marketing. The integration will give your team the power to send automated marketing emails, including targeted campaigns to leads and contacts you have in your CRM.

With the integration, your email marketing can become more accurate and yield a better return on investment because you are taking data-driven actions. You can also identify underperforming emails and modify them to deliver better results. Lastly, Mailchimp offers several email personalization options to help businesses increase email engagement and the potential to convert email recipients.

Start Using CRM Integrations to Supercharge Your Sales, Customer Support, and More

Now that you know about CRM integrations, which ones do you intend to use for your business? Remember that the best integrations for your team will help you simplify achieving your business goals and satisfying your customers.

However, the quality of your integrations won’t matter if you have the wrong CRM software. With a CRM like Teamgate, you can seamlessly integrate and use all of the integrations that made our list and more. See for yourself by taking Teamgate for a spin with its 14-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is API integration in CRM?

API (Application Programming Interface) enables a CRM to connect or integrate with other software. Also, API transfers data between systems to facilitate data sync, allowing you to see and use the same data in your CRM and connected systems.

What does CRM mean?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software that allows businesses to easily track customer communications and nurture relationships with leads and clients. You can also use a CRM to collect sales leads and customer data in one place. With a quality CRM, you can use your customer data to automate many of your processes and avoid the hassle of relying on multiple spreadsheets, databases, and apps.

What must CRM be integrated into?

You can integrate your CRM with various software tools such as email, calendar, social media, calling, accounting, and data collection tools. The right combination of integrations to use with your CRM will depend on your organization’s unique needs.

What is the difference between API and integration?

Integration involves connecting two systems or applications over a network. On the other hand, API is the interface through which applications connect or integrate over a network. It also facilitates the transfer of data between connected devices or programs.

Should I use a native Intercom integration or a third party such as Zapier?

Whilst Zapier is an excellent tool, the purpose of integrating Intercom with your CRM is to facilitate efficiency and collaboration. The best CRMs offering a native Intercom integration can be found here.

Do all CRMs integrate with Mailchimp?

Mailchimp does integrates with various CRM systems to improve customer relationship management and email marketing. However, some integrations may be limited in functionality and efficiency they offer.

Which CRM offers the best Quickbooks Integration?

Quickbooks integrates with a select few CRM systems help businesses drive revenue and enhance your sales process. The best options can be found here.

Do CRMs integrate with all Email providers?

Many CRMs integrate with an email provider to add efficiencies and functionality. Whether is it Gmail, or another provider such as Outlook, the options and features will differ between CRMs.


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